Increase Your Learning Capacity



Learning agility is the capacity for rapid, continuous learning from experience. It is the ability to let go of perspectives or approaches that are no longer useful. People with this mindset are open to new experiences. They experiment, seek feedback, and reflect systematical.

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HeadStart: Practical Guide to Starting the New Year by Dele Olomide


The year is running to an end…and the birth of a new one is approaching fast. The best time to plan for the new year is now. Practical Guide to Starting the New Year is the first in the HeadStart series that provides simple and practical steps n preparing you for 2016. To summarize this guide, you must;

  • Set aside a time alone
  • Review the ending year
  • Create specific goals on paper with clear timelines
  • Involve Key Stakeholders
  • Start with God

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Emotional Intelligence and Health by Endurance Uhumuavbi

Emotional Intelligence plays a very critical role in coordinating and managing the entire nervous system – the brain, the heart, etc. to achieve result. To know more Download EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE AND HEALTH on PDF. Contact the Media Department on +2348060811828, +2348131627560 and +2347030172757 for the MP3.

Living Above Average by Folarin Shomefun

AboveAverageLife by default, delivers for everyone nothing more than Average. It takes deliberate effort and proactive Steps to break beyond out limitations and more into the success, and prosperity than God designed for us.  What is Average? How can you break it’s limitations? To get answers, Download Living above Average on pdf.